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Once you’ve Registered here on the Owners Club, You’ll then be registered on the Forum by the Administrator (within 48 hours). Fill in all “Required” Personal and RV Information in order to be approved within 48 hours. You “must” be registered on both the Owners Club and the Forum before approval is granted.



This is the website for the Carriage & Lifestyle Owners Club. Established: 04/08/2014.

Where The Elite Meet, and an RV Lifestyle of Luxury Begins

In order to be a Member of the Owners Club, First you must register here as a Basic or Gold Level Member of the Owners Club.  Secondly, once you’ve registered into the Owners Club, you’ll then be registered on the CARRIAGE LIFESTYLE FORUM by the Administrator. You will be registered on the Forum with the same Username and Password as on the Owners Club. Fill in all “Required” Personal and RV Information in order to be approved within 48 hours. 

We welcome Guests and Other Brand Owners to join our Owners Club & Forum and become a Member. Other Brand Owner members have the ability to View, Read, and Post on the Forum the same as our Carriage & Lifestyle Owners. Our Forum is the most active Carriage or Carriage & Lifestyle Forum on the Internet averaging 90 to 100+ members online during any 24 hour period. Our membership totals are growing daily with new member registrations. Our Members are the most Friendly and Helpful with a vast amount of knowledge of RV’s, especially Carriages and Lifestyles.

1,000s of Reasons you should become a Member.
Only 1 Reason why you need to be a Member:
Because we want and need you here.


1. 1,232 1,279 1,297  1,303 Friendly, Knowledgeable, Helpful, Active Members so far and going up.
2. 200+ Indexed Documents and Files
3. Personal Member Photo Album
4. Image and Video Illustrations in Forum Topics
5. Owner Manuals and Brochures for Carriage, Lifestyle, Alfa-Gold, Bay Hill, Bay View, and Tesla RV’s
6. Extensive Vendor’s, Parts, and Suppliers List
7. Carriage and Lifestyle Archives ( Photos and Documents )
8. Extensive How To Video Section (14 for Maintenance, 7 Repair and Replacement, 2 Projects, 8 Tips and Information)
9 Tow Vehicle Documents and Files (Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, MDT’s, HDT’s)
10. Extensive P.O.I. Library (Thousands of Points of Interest and Locations)
11. FREE RV Tracker Program (RVing Record Keeping Software)
12. RVing Calculators and Apps (Truck Sizes, RV Weighing, Truck and RV Combo, Weight Calculator, Tire Inflation Charts, Tire Inflation Calculators)

The Owners Club is in association with the established Carriage Lifestyle Owners Forum. The forum was established in December of 2012 for the purpose of providing support for owners of the “Original” Carriage Brand and the Lifestyle Brand 5th Wheels by Evergreen RV Inc. that is no longer in business. It also includes the Bay Hill, Bay View,Tesla, and the Alfa-Gold 5th Wheels. The new Lifestyle brand is modeled after and extremely similar to the Original Carriages in Design, Appearance, and Construction. As more Carriage units become older and are replaced, Lifestyle appears to be the unit of choice.

Our Owners Club is where our Club & Forum’s Documents & Files (Misc. Doc’s & Files, Carriage related Files, Lifestyle related Files, Maintenance-Repairs-Fixes Files, Vendors-Parts-Supplies File) are located.   Also, our Video “How-To” Library, P.O.I. Maps Library, Member’s Photo Albums, Member’s Location Map, Members Traveling Map, Calendar of Events, Club Newsletter, Club Store, and Member’s Blogs & Travel Journals Page, Member Logo Decals, Member Club & Forum Business Card Templates are all located in the Owners Club.   There are lots of things still being planned and in the making such as an Annual Campout & Get-Together.



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